Shipping terms

We believe that a happy customer is a return customer for that we do our best to give you the quick and reliable shipping.

If your order has a 'Confirmed' status, then the seller is already preparing it for shipment. We give sellers 10 days to send the parcel and provide us with a tracking number. If 10 days have already passed and the order is still in the 'Confirmed' status, please contact our Customer Support to request a refund.

You can do this by clicking the chat button in the right corner.

Some orders may have increased fulfillment times - for example, orders made with Chinese merchants during the Chinese New Year. We thank you for your patience and will do our best to ship your items quickly as soon as it's possible.

pay attention 
Even if you ordered goods from one sellem we may send them at different times and in different packages

  • The goods may be stored in different warehouses, which are located in different parts of the country.
  • Perhaps one of the item is in stock, so it's sent immediately, and the other is temporarily out of stock.

You can tell if the goods are shipped in one package or not by the same tracking number.

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